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Dr. Antony DeSantis and the entire team at East Greenbush Dental Care are proud to offer youand your family a complete range of dental services.

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We believe that each patient should be an active participant in their dental health decisions.

Family Dentistry

Pretty much anything you might need, from cleanings and checkups, second opinions and plans, from simple to complex. Have a great smile already? We can help you keep it that way!

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Cosmetic Dentistry

Sometimes a healthy smile is not the only thing you are looking for. Let Dr DeSantis take your smile to the next level utilizing modern and minimally invasive techniques, from professional whitening, straightening your teeth with Invisalign, Minimal drilling veneers, ceramic crowns, bonding and more! Want to replace your old silver fillings with tooth colored ones? Tired of that gray line from your old crown? No problem!

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Emergency Dental Care

If you're having a problem and just want that fixed or having pain that's preventing you from enjoying foods you love or getting a good night's sleep, that's OK. We can help you with your problem without getting into more involved treatment. When the time is right, we can help you get your smile back. For now it's ok to just put out the fire without pressure to do more!

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About Us

We want your visits to be as comfortable and relaxing as possible.

What To Expect

East Greenbush Dental Care

Number one, you are treated as a human being and not scolded for having a dental problem.You are involved in your care and any decisions that are made. There is no judgement here, only solutions and recovery.

We will explain as much or as little as you want. If there is something that bothers you about being at the dentist, let us know. We can accommodate almost any request. Tell us about your past dental experiences. We will do our best to make your experience worthwhile and avoid or minimize those things that make you uncomfortable. You will get a thorough exam and if treatment is needed, we will use the safe, modern, and minimally invasive techniques to help you get your problem solved. The best plan is one of prevention. So we are dedicated to educating and helping our patients understand what they are at risk for and forming a plan to prevent problems down the road. Questions? We love them! Ask whatever ones you want. Dr. DeSantis will spend the time you need to get the answers you've always wanted.

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Each appointment is timed to meet the goals we set to accomplish in that time. We will let you know how long your next treatment appointment is when you make it. Some patients prefer to be in and out and do less each time. Others prefer to have as much done in a single appointment. Let us know what your schedule permits and we will do our best to keep you on track. Typical checkups are done in less than an hour.
We do our best to get you in as soon as it is convenient for you. New patients usually don't have to wait more than a couple of days (sometimes less) to get in. Have a special time you need to come in? After work? We will do our best to accommodate you. If you're having an emergency we will get you in as soon as possible, usually the same day
Let us know if something comes up and you need to reschedule. We can usually get you back in the schedule quickly. To keep things running smoothly we ask for at least 24 hours notice. Longer appointments are more difficult to reschedule so let us know as soon as possible.
The best thing would be to come in and just meet us. Call and make an appointment for a consultation to get started. Let's talk about your dental problems and fears that have kept you away. No hassles and no need for any treatment that day. Once we know what kept you away, a solution is not far off. No commitment needed. Really.
The good news is we work with most plans. With a few exceptions, you can use your dental benefits here even if we are not in your network. As a courtesy to our patients, we will submit the paperwork for you and work with your plan to maximize your benefits. If you don't have insurance, don't worry. We offer our own discount plans and some patients like seniors get a discount without the need for any insurance plans. For some, these plans are more affordable than the cost of their annual dental insurance premiums. Flexible payment options are available. For your convenience, most credit cards are accepted including HSA and FSA debit cards.
In most cases using your existing xrays is not a problem. Usually the transfer process is simple. Our office uses 100% digital record keeping. That means your previous dentist can simply email us your records and the images using our secure, encrypted, and HIPAA compliant email address.
No problem. We can digitize your records at no cost and either return them to you or dispose of them for you. If you do need new xrays because something has changed or you're due for routine checkup xrays, we use state of the art minimal exposure digital imaging. Most of the time all of your checkup xrays can be taken without any hardware going in your mouth. All from the outside! The best part is these images are done while exposing you to less radiation than the traditional in the mouth ones.
Nitrous oxide otherwise known as "sweet air", "laughing gas", or "nitrous" is a great solution for many patients of almost any age to get dental treatment done without pain or anxiety. It is safe and the effects wear off quickly once it's turned off. It's not what you've seen with those people on YouTube! What nitrous oxide offers is a way to temporarily relieve the anxiety that, for some, come with a visit to the dentist. We can have nitrous oxide available for almost any dental treatment, including long appointments, or even your routine cleaning! A safe and effective solution to your dental anxiety! Have questions about nitrous oxide? Great! we'd love to answer them. Call us!

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